Monday, November 26, 2012

'Tis the season for Christmas albums!

Ahhhh Christmas time is here again! Just this week I started dusting off my Christmas albums for another month of heavy playing and listening with the family.

My wife is a huge fan of Christmas music so she is already a few weeks ahead of me but she has been doing pure digital listening until I break out the good stuff.


She writes a blog for her (and her Sister’s) hobby business “Little Pink Thread” and was asking me to do a post about Christmas records, so I’ll write this here and double post it on her blog at


We differ a bit when it comes to Christmas music but we are both open to listening to each other’s albums with an open mind and ear.


Since last year she jumped on the Michael Bublé Christmas band wagon along with the rest of the female population. Honestly, I think he is perfect for this type of music. He gives it that great Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby twist and it really works for this seasonal album. Although it is highly unlikely that I ever spin a Michael Buble album, I am ok with having this on it the background for the Christmas season.


Personally I tend to lean to the more classic artists for Christmas music. But before I get there I will finish up on my Wife’s personal favorites.


She was a teenager in the prime of the Backstreet Boys, 98˚ and N’Sync craze so these are always on her list. Michael Buble I can handle once in a while, I have no interest in the boy band Christmas music. She respects this and tends to listen to it most when I am preoccupied (headphones on).


Number one on her list would be her “Kenny and Dolly Christmas album”. I found her a copy on vinyl a few years ago and she constantly gets me to throw it on the turntable during the festive season.


Now onto my list!


Number one on my list hands down is “Elvis Presley’s Christmas Album”. Nothing even comes close. Elvis is the king all the time but he dominates Christmas music in my mind! I have another of his Christmas albums but it doesn’t get near as much play as the original.


A new addition in the past few years has been “Bob Dylan – Christmas in the Heart”. Who would of thought that Dylan could pull this off! One year he is Jewish and the next he is releasing the Christmas album of the year! Great job Bob, you never cease to amaze me.


A new addition this year which my wife and I both equally like is the Paul McCartney 7” of “Wonderful Christmastime”. This already has been getting a lot of play time and it will only increase in the weeks to come.

Another new addition this year is “Bing Crosby – Merry Christmas Bing”. This has been praised to me as the best Christmas album ever. So far I am not a huge fan. It is little old school for me (which is weird as I love old school) but I will be sure to give it a few more chances to try and change my mind.

Only other Christmas music I can think of playing would be “John Lennon – Happy Xmas, war is over”. This was released on “Shaved Fish”. Nobody can go through the season without hearing this song so much that they get sick of it. Regardless it will always be one of my favorites!


So there you go, these are the albums we listen to most during the Christmas season. We are always open to new suggestions so please feel free to leave comments with your favorite albums!



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