Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Record Case Restoration Project

Often while crate digging in attics, basements and barns I come across some nice retro pieces that are music related. I’ve been picking these up and storing them in my shed and recently found time to start some restoration projects.

This week I chose to refinish this vintage record carrying case.

It’s made out of tin, and while it didn’t look pretty, there was only light surface rust and decades of grime.

I tried a few household cleaners to bring it back to life, but it turned out to be too far gone. I decided to repaint it instead.


I bought some fine grit sandpaper and steel wool and smoothed the surfaces as much as I could. I started to restore the hinges and handles with brasso, but I stopped before I made it to far. I kind of liked the tarnish look of the hardware so left some to add character.

I used about 4 coats of spray paint, in between each coat I would smooth It out with the steel wool.

I’m very pleased with the end result.

It holds about 25 vinyl records at its max but works better with only 20, leaving enough room to flip through the albums rather than having to pull them out. 

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