Friday, July 24, 2015

Tube Amp Project!

I have been spending a lot of time in the work shop working on vintage electronics. It's has definetly been a learning curve, but bringing all this beautiful old gear back to life is really rewarding. 

I have always wanted to learn more about fixing tube amps so thought a good place to start would be building a kit. 

I ordered this kit from The kit I went with was the K12G Stereo Amp made by S5 Electronics. . It is just a straight amplifier with 8 watts per channel and the only control being the volume. 

The instructions were super easy to follow. 

They provided a circuit board that labelled where all the parts need to be installed. 

It took me two evenings to complete the project with approximately 3 hours total invested. 

This amp absolutely blew me away in sound quality. It's definetly a very crisp loud 8 watts per channel. I just have an external phono preamp between it and the turntable. 

Future project will be to build a tube phono preamp. 

I was nervous of having all of the components exposed so I ordered a tube cage to cover it. Very happy with the end result. 

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