Monday, April 30, 2012

Understanding Axl!

I am sure most music followers are aware of the situation that was between Guns and Roses and the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

While Slash and the boys are by far the popular side to join, I can’t help but looking at it from Axl’s perspective as well.

Axl actually made sense to me with a few points in his letter.

His first point was that Steven Adler was basically using this whole situation to further his own career. I agree. Steven Adler was very messed up on drugs for the past 18+ years. Addiction is a horrible thing and I feel for him in that regard, but he was definitely not selling many albums in this messed up state of mind. Not that I am aware of anyway. I think it is safe to say he never sold as many as GNR or Velvet Revolver.  Most people forgot who Steven Adler even was until a few years back when he showed up on one of those celebrity rehab or sober house shows. He was becoming better known as a drug addict than a drummer.

 I have not read very many interviews with Steven talking about the rock and roll hall of fame without speaking at length about his new “Adler” rock band which is going to be the “next big thing”. Do you think anybody would even know he was recording an album without this nomination? I’m sure he has fans but he definitely would have never gotten the exposure he is getting now.  Went to the other day and the first thing you could see was a big write up about Steven Adler. Well played Steven. You couldn’t buy better publicity. I good strategic move to get people to remember you are alive

I am not out to bash Steven directly. He is a great drummer, no question. As for an irreplaceable drummer? Not in my eyes. I’m sure there were hundreds of drummers who could have filled the bill if he was not available.

Besides the Steven Adler point. I can understand what Axl says about him accepting the award with his past band would take away from his current band. I know everyone wants to see the old band back together and for it to be the early nineties again, but he is absolutely right. He does not get along with the old band. It may not be for reasons we agree in but that is between him and them. GNR may not be what they were before, but the new lineup is still playing successful concerts, selling many tickets and albums.

I for one would have loved to see the original lineup of GNR play in Cleveland a few weeks back. I am not arguing that. I guess I just understood his point.

And for good measure (this being a vinyl record blog and all), here are some of my Guns ‘n’ Roses albums:

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