Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deep Purple - Moncton Casino, February 2012

As most of you local music lovers know, Deep Purple played the casino in Moncton last February. The next best thing to actually being to this concert is the great audience recording I listened to this weekend.

To anti-social people like myself who just don’t make it to concerts anymore, these high quality recordings are a real treat to get my live music fix!

This was recorded by Rob Tyner and the post production and original source for the upload is from our friend Keltie Harding!

I can’t get over how good this recording actually sounds. I mean this as good as a professionally released cd in my opinion. Now I know some audiophiles who can “hear” better than me that may disagree, but I use to steer away from these concert recordings as I just hated the muffled recordings. This does not fall under that category.

This was a great performance by Deep Purple. Ian Paice sounds like he is a 20 years old drummer with 50 years of experience. So much energy and precision. He has always been one of my favorite drummers! Ian Gillan seems to have a hard time hitting some of the high notes when he opens with “highway star” but sure warms up nicely by the time he gets to “women from Tokyo” a few songs in! The Hammond organ sounds as amazing as ever. This is one instrument that just isn’t around enough these days.. When I think of Deep Purple, I think of this Hammond!..

My personal favorite song of the night was “Lazy”! They just rock this song out. Always has been one of my favorite Purple tunes. Again Ian Gillan has a hard time hitting some of the high notes but he still does great!

I would have to say the band was tightest when they played “Space Truckin’”… Seems like the volume was turned up a few extra notches for this tune!

“Black Knight” was the perfect song to close this amazing concert. One of the catchiest riffs out there! They seemed to be having so much fun closing the show with this tune!

Lots of credit to Rob Tyner in his recording, and Keltie for all the post production! Thanks for sharing guys! Of course no money has exchanged hands for listening to this recording. These recordings are all about free trading! If you would like to hear this show you can find it here at “Traders Den”.

Set List:
Deep Purple Overture / Highway Star
Hard Lovin' Man
Maybe I'm a Leo
Strange Kind of Woman
Rapture of the Deep
Woman from Tokyo
Contact Lost
When a Blind Man Cries
The Well-Dressed Guitar
The Mule
No One Came
Keyboard Solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin'
Smoke on the Water
Time is Tight/ Hush
Bass Solo / Black Night

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  1. Hey B, thanks for the great review. Over at TTD (and other sites where the recording has been shared) the reviews of the sound were always very good. Rob did a great job recording and it didn't require much in the post department. Some slight EQ and proper fades. How I wish the second show was taped too. But nothing has came to light.

    Of course the band was great and tight. Yes, Gillan can't sing like he did in the 70's, but what he lacks for in range, he makes up for in tone and delivery. Not to mention years of screams (ie: Child In Time, Lazy) and smoking take a toll on the vocal cords. But again, his tone is rich and full. Don Airey (Jon Lord's replacement) makes full use of the classic Purple sound but with his own style of playing. Steve Morse is an amazing player in his own right, and having been with the band for almost 16 years now, has certainly got the chops. But my heart still yearns for Blackmore. Paice and Glover. Damn, one of the tightest rhythm sections on the planet. Nuff said!

    I DO want to point out is that even though DP's classic years are behind them, and with the changing face of the music industry, the band feels that they have to work hard and tour to "make a living" as Glover once said. They may not sell millions of albums now, or be able to sell out MSG, and their image seems deeply rooted in past triumphs, that does not mean that they are not as important or relevant in these times. I feel the exact opposite. They got experience. They got the chops. They've weathered many stormy seas but are still with us. Here is a band that loves to work hard, loves to gig, and enjoy working as a team. They don't need the money, they don't need to bust their asses playing to smaller crowds. But they do it for the love of doing it. They do it for the fans who have been through the trenches. They do it because they have a love the making MUSIC. Which is more than I can say about some newer bands that seem to be a re-hash of the "3 Days Theory Of A NickelCreed" scene.

    Ok, getting off the proverbial soapbox now. Thanks for the review and feel free to download the show and trade it with fans. One thing I DO ask is that you please preserve the quality and do not convert to MP3 (unless you're adding it to your iPod.) One website has already taken the recording and converted it to the lossy format. FLAC files are easily playable in today's media players (foobar, Wimamp, etc.) If you need a codec, google it & ye shall find.

    Thanks and enjoy!!!


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