Friday, June 29, 2012

Spin that unknown album!! Be free!!!!!

Ahhhh!!! Friday before a long weekend! I’m sitting out on the porch, turntable spinning and enjoying the tunes. Could anything be more perfect?

It has been a good week for record and cd collecting. I got to do a few vinyl trades with some people who frequent this site and also added a few nice cd’s to the collection from various thrift stores in the province.

All of this trading and chatting at the thrift stores has brought a few thoughts to my mind.

It seems that people who are just getting into collecting are just trying to find the albums that they already know. Of course this is a given that If you know and like an album, buy it. HOWEVER, stop being afraid of exploring the unknown!

Try that record for a dollar that has a crazy cover that catches your eye. Try that cd from the thrift store from the band with the crazy name you never heard of! Take recommendations from the guy flipping through the crate next to you! Or one of my personal favorites, try that cd that looks like it has been through hell and back because it has been played so often!

I have discovered so many cool bands this way. Besides bands, so many cool albums by bands I already like! Sure CCR’s greatest hits are enough for most people.  But if you see “green river” cheap, give it a spin! There are many songs on this you would never know from just the greatest hits compilations!

A few weeks ago a guy at the thrift store just spoke up to me. “If you haven’t heard this ‘Pride Tiger’ cd before, definitely give it a shot for $0.99”. Hell yeah! That’s what I wanted to hear! Tried it and love it!

And make your own decisions! Even though your bud says he doesn’t like a specific album from a band, make your own choice! Hell I had people tell me that “prairie wind” by Neil Young was terrible! This by far turned out to be one of my favorite Neil releases!

Sure you will get some junk. But give it a shot! Just once in a while, you have no idea what you are missing. It is for the simple reason of discovering that unknown tune that has got me so addicted to this hobby!

Happy Canada day all!


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