Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day with family, friends and lots of great bands including the Joel Plaskett Emergency!!

Had a great Canada day yesterday! Perfect day really!

Got to spend it with a lot of family and friends and got to enjoy some great music in officers square downtown Fredericton!

This was the first live music my daughter was introduced too and she absolutely loved it!

Shortly after we arrived downtown 'Southern Cross' took the stage! They were a very good country band and I really enjoyed their set!

Next up was a rockin' band called 'She Roars'.. Closer to my style of music! They seemed like a nice bunch of guys as well. I saw them take the time to really talk to anyone that told them they enjoyed their set!

Crash was at the show as the Emcee! (See Crash's interview here)!

Jazz hands!

Everybody! Jazz hands!!

Next up we had 'The Westerbergs'.. I was really impressed with all of the bands that performed at this event. They too put on a really great set. Wish I had something more interesting to say but it's just that simple! They were great!

At this point the crowd really started to grow! And we all waited!

Because next up was one of my, and my family's,  personal favorites.......

Joel Plasket Emergency!!

This is a great picture of the crowd that Crash took! Thanks for letting me use it Crash!

Of course being the music hoarder that I am... I couldn't leave without a few new things for the collection!

Got a new lp!

And even got this cool poster!.....when nobody was looking.. ;)

And to end off our perfect day they had some great fireworks!!

I have to admit... as much as I am a huge fan, I don't go to many concerts anymore! I just don't enjoy myself with the crowd's and find it difficult with all the boozed up people around that are usually present.... But my Wife convinced me to go to this show with her Aunt and Uncle and I really enjoyed myself! I got to see some friends I have not seen in years and really enjoyed all the music!

I will still always be happier listening to music at my home surrounded by my records but this was a nice exception for a change!

The crowd was very good and Fredericton did great by getting someone like Joel and the Emergency to play! The people of Fredericton sure showed their appreciation by the massive attendance! Great job Fredericton!

If anybody has some photo's or video's I would love to post them! Email me at

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