Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canadian Indie bands!

Indie music.

I have to admit when I was a teenager indie music just didn’t do it for me. Sure there were a few exceptions, but back in the 90’s I felt the best bands were signed to a major label. They scouted the best and for the most part, they found the best!

Fans then who were into Indie bands… well…. no I won’t go that far… let me re-phrase.. People back then who were ONLY into indie bands drove me nuts! They are like diehard Radiohead fans today. They feel that there is something about music that normal folks just don’t understand.. (Hell I like Radiohead.. it’s the diehard crazy Radiohead fans that get to me.. you know who you are!). Again there were some great indie bands and they got/get my respect.. I’m talking about the majority that I was exposed to in the 90’s… Maybe this article caters more to my personal taste.

But lately I have to really give it to some of the Indie bands. Indie music is where it’s at for Canadian Rock, Folk, etc…!

Mainstream music just does not do it for me anymore. Mainstream used to be Aerosmith, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, hell.. The Beatles!… Now mainstream is Rhianna and Lady Gaga.. booo

But this is what people want to hear and see! Nobody cares about Rock and Roll or Alternative music anymore. It’s not what is cool anymore. Back to what Billy Corgan was bitching about at SXSW.. band’s have to basically light themselves on fire and post it on YouTube to get noticed.. People are interested in what’s wild and crazy more than what is good music..

But indie music is keeping the good tunes coming! I sit in my office all week long with CBC radio 3 blaring creating my personal best indie set lists. For a while I couldn’t figure out where all the good bands went.. they were hiding! You have to really want them to find them!

CBC radio 3 makes it easy to discover some great bands as well. This is where I do most of my vinyl shopping! Not the actual purchase but I find the new bands I like… example… say I hear the new Japandroid tune.. I click their name on the screen.. I read a quick bio.. I try a few more of their tunes to make sure I like it (most songs are available for streaming here).. I decide if I like the band.. I click on the link that brings me to their website.. Go to their shop and pick up their vinyl! Best part is that since I can stream almost any Canadian indie album on CBC.. I know I like the vinyl before I get it.. or I get to choose which of the bands albums I want.. I give them all a listen and choose my favorite!

No I don’t work for CBC or get anything for saying this but I highly recommend everyone giving these indie bands a try and CBC radio 3 is the best place to do so!

So keep this great Indie music coming everyone! I for one will be listening!

Ps.. I have some fairly significant Indie artists that have agreed to do some interviews.. So stay tuned for these!

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  1. I've been a rabid supporter of the indie scene since the early '90's. It was about '91 (before "Nevermind" broke) when I was exposed to the Seattle scene. It was fresh, loud & raw. Like Brad, the mainstream at the time was Aerosmith, Motley Crue, G&R, etc. Not to mention pap like Whitney Houston & Debbie Gibson. Before getting turned onto the Seattle scene, I didn't have any knowledge of any indie artists.

    The Seattle scene was a breath of fresh air. Then I started hearing about this band from Moncton named "Eric's Trip", only to find out my friend Mark Gaudet was the drummer. And that this band was to be signed to Sub Pop. SUB POP, NIRVANA'S LABEL!!!! I knew that something special was happening.

    From that day on, I became an ardent fan of the indie scene here in Moncton. I became exposed to many othrer genres of music that I may have missed out on. And i learned to appreciate that indie music cam be a true & pure form of expression, free of overwrought pretensions & the force-fed commercialism of MTV & MuchMusic. Through Mark & the other members of Eric's Trip, all of whom became wonderful friends, I got to know other local indie artists and indie fans!

    Then the "alternative" became mainstream. While some excellent bands got exposure on TV & radio (Liz Phair, Veruca Salt, Weezer), many of my faves had that 1 BIG hit then never could re-capture that success. On the opposite side of the coin, some bands became increasingly more commercial. Pearl Jam, STO, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead. We gotta thank the record industry for pushing these bands into the mainstream. All the while, "indie" artists, making records on their own terms, following their own visions, without influence or pressure from "the industry". Purchasing the latest Elevator To Hell vinyl EP was a thrill. Knowing that it was made by the band themselves (the sleeve, the label, the stickers inside, not to mention the music) made it seem all that more of a personal experience. And also knowing that it were my FRIENDS making this music made it feel all the more real & personal.

    So many years have passed & I've seen many indie acts perform. And I still am discovering new bands. And the past 7 years, Sackville, NB has been host to a wonderful 3 day music festival devoted to the Canadian indie scene. SappyFest starts in 3 days and I can't wait. In 3 days I discover great new artists & have a great weekend. (Tickets are still available for SappyFest & I STRONGLY urge you to check it out. No, I don't work for Sappy, but they are my friends & I always try to support & promote my friends whenever I can.)

    So, check out CBC 3, check out your local college radio stations, and give the finger to corporate radio. If you see your local chain music store, look ahead & walk by. Go support your local independent music stores. There IS life beyond Nickelback, Springsteen, Coldplay (yawns!) & top 40 or classic rock radio.

    The indie scene is alive & thriving. It'll survive with or without you, and as long there are artists who will create from the heart. But there's ALWAYS room for new fans. Open your mind, open your ears & try something NEW for a change.

    Thanks to vehicles such as Bandcamp and Youtube (and NO thanks to that piece of shit Myspace), indie artists are being heard worldwide. Canadian artists such as Chad Vangaalen, Julie Doiron & Daniel Romano have toured the US & Europe. thanks to fans discovering their talents.

    Go forth, explore, listen & appreciate something that is both different & real.

    I now get off the soapbox, and have to pack for SappyFest!!!!!


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