Saturday, July 28, 2012

Third Man Records' order!

I placed my first order with Jack White’s Third Man Records last week!

Now I being a fan of Jack White I have purchased his vinyl before. A few months ago I picked up a copy of “Blunderbuss” and a 45 of “Hello Operator”.

Blunderbuss is by far one of my favorite new releases this year. I really love the dynamics in the recording. He definitely does not participate in the “loudness wars”! (See Kelties post on the loudness wars here). This album was recorded fully analogue and it really is a great sounding album. Oh yeah, the songs kick ass too!

This “Hello Operator” 45 is great! And I love the B-side of Dolly Parton’s Jolene! Very cool cover!

Last week however I ordered from Third Man Records directly! I will surely be placing more orders there in the future. Great prices and low shipping! (Only like $6 an lp and a dollar or so to add another).

I ordered this Jerry Lee Lewis lp. This is him playing live at Third Man. I love the Killer! His age is getting noticeable in his voice, but he still rocks! Now this album was recorded live so there was no studio mixing done. You can hear the rattle of the snare drum when the bass player hits a note and the piano volume tends to go up and down, however this edge is what makes me love this album. A great performance by one of the best! These live albums from Third Man are priced great too. Only $16!

I also ordered this 45 by Jack White of “Fly Farm Blues”. Great song. What can I say; I haven’t heard anything from Jack White that I haven’t liked yet!

No B-Side on this 45 which is kind of strange but the Third Man logo is etched in the B-side which is really cool!

Everything Third Man Records puts out is very attractive! They always have nice heavy vinyl great sleeves. They really cater to vinyl fanatics.

I’ll be ordering again very soon!

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