Monday, August 27, 2012

Vinyl Record Storage!

 The last few weeks I kept staring at the records accumulating in front of my record shelves. That’s right… in front… When you buy as many records as I do storage is an issue that arises often. Every time I think I have the perfect amount of storage.. well… I buy a whole pile more records.. It’s a problem I have to admit that I enjoy having.


So record storage. To me the king of record shelves and a well known and loved solution for lots of vinyl enthusiasts is the ‘expedit’ shelving available from IKEA. They are the perfect size, they are great looking, they are sturdy.. and best of all.. they’re cheap!


The only problem is that the closest IKEA is in Montreal. Online shopping to the rescue! I bought my three 4x4 ‘expedit’ shelves online and when you buy more than one the shipping really isn’t that bad. I think I paid $50 to ship the three of them.


‘Expedit’ shelves come in many sizes but the only ones that can ship at a decent price is the 4x4. I like them! They look great side by side and the top is a great place for my turntable, amp and speakers.


But as records keep accumulating I needed some more shelf space. The next ‘expedit’ I want to add is much larger and will come when I do my next trip to Toronto or Montreal. But in the meantime I came across this great set of plans for a record bin on the audio karma message forums. It can be made using only one sheet of plywood! I had a bunch of plywood pieces in my shed so I modified the size a bit but this is what I turned out with.


I have to stress that I am pretty dangerous with a saw and hammer.. but even I have to admit this looks pretty decent! I love the rough look of it. Just do a google search for ‘record bin from one sheet of plywood’ and the message forum will come right up.


I will be making one more of these in the near future. Great spot to keep the vinyl that I am currently listening too.


As for my CD storage.. I was also planning on getting an IKEA shelf for them but again the shipping is killer on small orders. Luckily these shelves came on sale at Canadian Tire for only $14 each. They are a great little shelf to get me through until I get a larger one!

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