Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clash on Broadway!

I had a nice thrift store score recently finding the box set released by ‘The Clash” called “Clash on Broadway”.


Once upon a time, most of the Clash LP’s lived within my collection. Then like many others, I traded them for other albums. Never again will I trade my last copies of albums, I always regret it! It never fails that later on I’m searching for the very albums that I traded. It’s a vicious cycle full of record collecting regrets. No more!


Regardless, I found this CD box set at the thrift store and it gave me a chance to gain a lot of “The Clash’s” music through one cheap purchase.


I can’t believe I was so passive with “the Clash” prior. I can’t get enough of this box set!


This box set walks you through heir career from beginning to end containing 63 of their best songs. Their sound evolved so much over their short career, You can virtually hear a difference in every song how their sound changed.


Unfortunately to me their sound peaked at London Calling and changed dramatically afterwards. Once “Sandinista” and “Combat Rock” came out the sound was not as appealing to me. I mean they are still great records, but just not want I want to hear from “the Clash”. I’m more drawn to their old school punk rock style songs than their later more mainstream hits.


It kind of reminds me of when “Motley Crue” released that album without Vince Neil. If you never knew it was the Crue it was totally a good album. However when people bought this albums, they wanted the Crue sound they were accustomed to. This album was not their normal sound, but if you put that aside, it wasn’t bad! (sorry for the hair metal references.. I’m still in the Anvil state of mind!)


So for all you music collectors looking for a great introduction to “the Clash”, this box set is a great bang for your buck. You can easily get it for under $20 on eBay and it is worth every cent.





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