Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Praise Of CAULDRON - by Keltie Harding



Cauldron is an amazing 3 piece classic metal band from Toronto that was formed in 2006 by Jason Decay (bass, lead vocals) after the demise of his previous band "Goat Horn". The other co-founding member is guitarist/vocalist Ian Chains. After several previous drummers, Halifax/Moncton singer/musician Myles Deck brought his hard hitting drumming style to the band.

The band has played some pretty high profile gigs since their formation. They've played the "Keep It True" metal festival in Germany and has toured Canada, the US and Europe extensively. The band also scored a major coup by signing with influential Heavy Metal label Earache Records.

Cauldron has also appeared on the Moncton-produced web series "The McDon's House", produced by Kyle McDonald and John Jerome. The band was filmed & recorded playing live in the studio and the footage is stellar. You can check out this episode (and other just as amazing bands) at 

I can't say enough good things about Cauldron. The band sometimes gets described as being part of the "new wave of traditional heavy metal" scene. I'm not a guy to slap any band with a certain "label" but these guys do that label justice and then some. First off I enjoy GOOD metal. And Cauldron has taken the best of classic early 80's speed/thrash metal (ie: Anvil, Motorhead, Angel Witch) and "L.A." metal (Motley Crue, Dokken), mixing powerful riffs, catchy hooks, and searing vocals from Jason with Myles and Ian providing killer harmonies. Cauldron is definitely one of my newest favorite bands, carrying high the torch in Canadian metal.


I'm coming off of a epic music high. I saw Cauldron 2 times this weekend. Once at an in-store free all ages show at Spin-It Records, then the traditional bar show at Plan B lounge (both in Moncton, NB.) Their live show was amazing. No flashy sets, no crazy lights. Just 3 guys, their gear and a sound that draws you in and makes you want to listen and soak it in. Of course the bar show was a "tad" bit more wild than the all ages. Cauldron are a great live band and I strongly urge everyone to see them.

Their new album is entitled "Tomorrow's Lost" and is out on Earache Records, available on vinyl, CD and cassette. YES. Cassette. The cassette artwork looks exactly like the CBS Canada cassettes of the mid 80's with the band name in bold red lettering and the classic "Chromium dioxide" banner at the bottom. How cool is that! (The cassettes were self-produced and not manufactured by Earache.) The band is sold out of vinyl & tape copies and they've only been out a few weeks. (The vinyl is still available from Earache.) I unfortunately was not able to get either the vinyl or cassette of "Tomorrow's Lost" but I did score a first pressing of thier debut 12" EP "Into The Cauldron". And a cool poster as well.

And they are really nice guys as well. I know Myles better, from the Moncton scene, being at shows and from his old band "Myles Deck & The Fuzz". Jason was super cool and thanked me for coming out (and buying the EP) as did Ian. Really down to earth guys. I bet they can sure throw a bad-ass party too!!!

The show at Plan B this weekend was also recorded for an upcoming live album. The recording was made by Kyle McDonald and I'm sure it's going to sound great. Keep your eyes peeled.

Go check out Cauldron, on YouTube, at the McDon's House, at and at your local music emporium. Support Canadian music. Support GOOD metal! You will not regret it. Take it from me!

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