Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some new 45's for the collection!

I have been on the hunt for 45’s recently as I truly find that they sound better than the LP’s. Although, since I am lazy, I usually still opt for the LP but lately I have been taking pleasure in the 45 as well. Sometimes it’s for the simple fact that I only have 10 minutes to do some quick listening. More often it’s because I have been drawn to these cool small discs lately and can see this part of my collection really starting to grow.
I am especially a sucker for picture sleeves. Just the fact that the cover is not as recognizable excites me. Everybody knows what “The Beatles – Revolver” cover looks like. But not everybody knows what the picture sleeve for Eleanor Rigby looks like! (btw. I’m looking for this picture sleeve, so if you have it or know somebody let me know!)
The next best thing about 45’s is that the shipping is cheap!. Absolutely the best bang for your buck when you’re buying vinyl online. I have some 45’s shipped for as low as $1.50 and they rarely cost more than $4. When they do cost $4 you can usually get 3 or 4 shipped for the same price.
First 45 on my bragging list is “Pearl Jam – The Fixer” b/w “Supersonic”. I am a huge “Pearl Jam” fan and “Backspacer” is one of my favorite albums by them. This 45 is pressed on white vinyl and has a nice glossy picture sleeve. The sound of this 45 was insane compared to the CD. I never had a vinyl pressing have such noticeable better sound than this 45!
I also picked up a copy of “Julie Doiron and the Wrong Guys”. I don’t know much about Julie and her music except that I know she was in “Eric’s Trip” and is responsible for the great “SappyFest” in Sackville every year. Also, I know that she is one of Keltie’s favorite artists. I have full trust in Keltie’s taste in music as we have always been fans of similar bands, so I picked up this 45 based on this alone. I really like this 45 and plan on buying her new LP “So Many Days”. This actually may very well be my next purchase.
Last but not least is “Jack White – Fly Farm Blues”. I purchased this 45 a few months back but really started to enjoy it as of late. It doesn’t have a “B” side song; however, instead it has the cool “Third Man” logo etched in the vinyl! Not as much music but it sure looks cool! This song was written and recorded by Jack White in 10 minutes. Jack feels that songs are over written and over produced lately, and recorded this song to prove his point.
I am a big fan of this concept.
Yes I know a few months back I wrote about how I didn’t understand lo-fi but Keltie and a few other friends have shown me the light! I get it now. It just has that raw feeling that I love so much. The same reason I love “Neil Young and Crazy Horse”, it just has that unpolished sound that is full of emotion. I am glad that I have finally come to terms with lo-fi because this past few months I have been introduced to some of the best music of my life.
I still have many more 45’s I picked up. I will post some more in the future!


  1. Hey Brad, Chris here - I came by to check out your blog after bumping into you and funny enough, I've actually been here before!

    1. Hey Chris. It was good to see you. Message me at casadiarecords@gmail.com
      We should go for coffee sometime and catch up.

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  3. "Fly Farm Blues" is such a cool piece of work. I love the scene in "Its Gonna Get Loud" where it shows Jack White actually rolling tape and putting it down.
    That movie is essential viewing, BTW.


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