Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Poor Young Things' Interview!

Facebook informed me this morning that Tim Chaisson was playing tonight at a pub in downtown Fredericton.


I saw Tim play a few years ago opening for Sarah Harmer and really liked his performance.


Opening for Tim tonight is a band called “Poor Young Things”. Now considering the majority of the time I am still catching up on albums that were released in the 1970’s, a lot of the time it’s no surprise that I haven’t heard of a new band.


Curiosity got to me and I searched them on the web. The rest of the day was spent listening to their tunes on their website and YouTube.


Their website had a great introduction of who these guys are:

Poor Young Things need no sympathy. The rock ‘n’ roll band, made up of five resourceful focused musicians, gave up a contented life in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and headed for Toronto without knowing a soul. Within a year, the band had recorded with their dream producer Jon Drew (Arkells) and signed a deal with Bumstead Records. Poor them, indeed.” (from:


Being the music hoarder that I am, I checked out to see what they had out for albums. So far they released and EP called “Let it Sleep” as well as a 7” single with “Blame it on the Good Times” and “Let It Sleep”. I dropped them a line on Facebook to see if they would have some copies available tonight. Sure enough they did so I stopped by early to pick up a copy of each.


Part of me would like to stick around for the show but, I’m more content listening at home. It’s the “hermit” lifestyle I choose to live, always happier in a room surrounded by records. Don’t need young drunkards ruining my listening experience.


This EP really kicks ass. Great strong rock music with killer catchy tunes.


Their song writing reminded me a bit of “The Trew’s” early releases, with some repetitive lyrics and great riffs. This is a great recipe for some catchy songs.


I was also really impressed by the producing and mixing by Jon Drew. He really put together a great mix. The drums in particular really stood out with a great sound.


I sent them a quick message on Facebook to see if they were interested in answering a few questions and they jumped at the opportunity. 


The following responses are from “Poor Young Thing’” lead singer and guitarist Matt Fratpietro:


Maritime Vinyl (MV) - You just released your debut EP “Let it Sleep” on CD/digital as well as a 7” single. How is the response on the vinyl release compared to the CD/digitil

Matt Fratpietro  (MF) - Vinyl’s sales are on the rise. People are looking for something different and you just can't beat that sound. Obviously digital is the most accessible media, so it's going to be the most popular.

MV - Do you hear from many people that buy your 7” single? Do you think the majority are buying it to actually listen to the vinyl or more for the nostalgia of it and just listening to the digital song?

MF - I think it's a little bit of both. Obviously music sounds much warmer on vinyl, but it is nice to have something that's a blast from the past.

MV - It says on your website that your new full length album is due to be released later in 2012. Will you still be meeting this deadline and can we expect to see it available on vinyl?

MF - We're about 3 quarters done the album at this point. We're taking some time off to come out east, but we should be done in the next few weeks. As far as I know it will be a March 2013 releae date. We're definately going to push for full vinyl LPs.



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