Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 of 2012 - Marty Leblanc's

I checked in with many of the people who contributed to Maritime Vinyl this year on what their top 5 albums of the year were. They did not have to be new albums as us vinyl folks tend to run 20-70 years behind!

So I will be posting many top 5 lists through the remainder of December! Hope you enjoy and if you would like to have your top 5 list posted I would love to do so! Email me at

All the lists are in the Collector’s own words. Some felt like throwing in some descriptions and some did not. Either way was greatly appreciated by me! I enjoyed reading them.

Let’s start off with Marty Leblanc from “Live Wire Music Emporium in Moncton” (check out Marty’s interview here):


5. “Spooky Tooth - Spooky Two” with the song "better by you better than me" which is the song that Judas Priest covered and force them to go to court in the 80's to defend themselves against the crown for killing those 2 kids that killed themselves.

4. “Scorpions - Love Drive (1979)” with the hit “Always Somewhere”.

3. “Diamond Head - Behold the Beginning” which has some songs that Metallica covered: Am I evil, It's Electric, The Prince, Sucking My Love, Helpless

2. “Punks, Twats & Urban Cowboys” which is John from Birdman Sound in Ottawa band ....It has a Psych kinda 60's Pink Floyd feel to it

And last but not least….

1. “George Harrison - All things must pass”, I was more of a Lennon guy so this was my first taste of Harrison solo stuff and I got to admit it blew me away. "My Sweet Lord"..."Art Of Dying"...& Hear Me Lord are my favorites songs in this box set .

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