Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 5's of 2012! - 'Uncle Rob' Pinnock!

Next up on our "Top 5's of 2012" we have Uncle Rob from 105.3 The Fox! (Check out Uncle Rob's interview here!) This is the third list in a row with Matt Mays album 'Coyote'! Starting to see a trend here!
Take it away Uncle Rob!
This will be coming in blog form on the Fox's website, so some actual thought has gone into this:

5) Joel Plaskett-Scrappy Happiness

4) Black Keys-El Camino

3) The Belle Comedians-...Autumn Ought To (EP)

2) Deer Tick-Divine Providence

1) Matt Mays-Coyote

For write-ups and explanations...they will be posted as 5 individual blogs at Sorry, I had to hold onto something.

Merry Christmas everyone...and don't forget Backstreet Records' annual boxing day sale.



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