Monday, January 28, 2013

Spin Clean!

I had a few people ask me this week how I wash my records so I figured I would show you.
There are many different kinds of record cleaning machines out there. I guess the cadillac of these would be the vacuum machines but I have a hard time spending $300+ on a record cleaning machine. Some people also make these machines out of old turntables and vacuum cleaners but I have yet to attempt it.
A few years ago I found a website on the "Spin Clean" record cleaning machine. It had an attractive price of less than $100 so I decided it would be worth a shot.
I love the "Spin Clean" and have no reason really to ever upgrade. It does everything that I need.
The Spin Clean is basically just a plastic tub that you fill with distilled water and record cleaning solution.
You place the the rollers in the slot that suits your record size (different spot for 7", 10" and 12").
Put your brushes in the designated grooves.

Set your record in between the brushes and spin it 360 degrees three times each way.
Take out the record and polish it up with some microfibre clothes and your done.
Short and sweet!


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  1. Any thoughts on what's in record cleaner solution? I had one used record store proprietor years ago tell me he combined distilled water with a few drops of PC colourless/odorless dish soap (a seriously miniscule amount) and that did the trick for his worst case scenarios. I've been trying it out again on some rather mucked up 78s, and it seems to be doing the trick (not worried about residue though, only playing them once each to make audio files with).


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