Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back from the dead turntable - Phillips GA212

What a great score I made today. I picked up this beautiful vintage Phillips GA212 turntable and this table is just like brand new.
The original owner really took pride in his gear and babied this table throughout it's 30+ year life. It even came in the original box with the owners manual. 
This model is a full manual turntable except for it turning off when it gets to the end of a side. The wow factor for this table is the speed controls and stop button. These are not push buttons at all but instead electronic touch controls. Just touch the button and it switches on and off with attractive green lights. Ok I know touch control is nothing fancy in todays world, but this was made in the 70's! This turntable was way ahead of its time.
Apparantly these tables were known to have the power switch to start sticking over time but the switch was replaced on this years ago to solve this issue. he really did a nice clean job of replacing this switch I must say.
This table is fitted with a stanton L720 cartridge and D71EE stylus. Not sure if this was the stock stylus or not but it really sounds great with this set up.
The floating suspension of the tonearm and turntable is great as well, you can jump right next to this table and it never skips.
This will definetly be my new primary turntable.





  1. Fack, dude. You always get the good scores!!!! Definitely jealous over in crappy old Moncton!

    That Stanton cart is what I got on my Sony table and its a nice sounding one. I'm glad I resurrected it.


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