Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ross Neilsen Band - Resurrection - review!

One of Canada’s hardest working blues rock acts, Ross Neilsen, is at it again releasing his sixth studio album Resurrection. This album is the first attributed to the Ross Neilsen Band, and seems to put a final nail in the coffin of The Sufferin’ Bastards. Regardless of the name change, the only major switch is replacing Shawn Worden with Jim Guitar on bass. Karl Gans is still holding strong on drums: full of dynamics and feeling, sounding better than ever.

Ross and the boys ventured down to Maurice, Louisiana to record this album with singer/songwriter Anders Osborne handling production. This is Ross’ third trip down south with Redemption and The Shack Up Sessions being recorded in Mississippi. The blues from the deep South is definitely rubbing off on Ross, you hear the fresh bluesy riffs in his guitar and (believe it or not) even more growl in his voice. Even with all this bluesy influence, this is still the most rock and roll record I have heard from Ross, the bluesy feel is just icing on the cake.

There were a few familiar tunes as Ross revisits the songs: When My Trouble’s Gone and Heartache Apart from his previous solo album The Shack Up Sessions. When My Trouble’s Gone has some added backup vocals, a distorted guitar and … well, the rest of the band, yet it still doesn’t lose the personal feel it had with Ross and his acoustic guitar. Heartbreak Apart, on the other hand, was totally revisited replacing the slow tempo acoustic number with a fast-paced, shuffle drumming, distorted vocal, rocking tune. This song was my favorite on the Shack Up Sessions so I am definitely partial to the original. When I first heard the fast pace at the intro I got a little nervous, but they came through giving it an entire new, crank up the stereo, fun sound.

This album doesn’t have a weak song in the mix. In my opinion, any of them could be a single and I really feel this album is going to go far with Ross and the band. Whether it is the fat distorted guitar sound on Walk On Buy or Ross’s palm muting rhythm leading into the epic lead guitar riff in Daddy Taught Me, there is something on this album for all rock and roll fans. Plus, Ross’ guitar solos can still give me chills.

Resurrection is due out in stores and online on May 21st and as always, Ross and the boys are touring heavy. He starts his Canada-wide tour supporting Resurrection on May 11th and ends at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton in September. All this, plus having 50ish shows under his belt so far in 2013, makes Ross one of Canada’s hardest working rock blues artists and his hard work sure is paying off on this album.



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