Saturday, July 20, 2013

A place for digital music.

Ill be the first and last to defend vinyl record as the superior music medium. Those who know me see how much vinyl plays a huge part in my life. My home is organized around them, my weekly schedule is full of album reviews, research, sales and listening. I am lucky to have a family that supports a hobby I have so much passion for. 

Today; however,  I finally found a use for digital music. A long story short is that my father recently travelled to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories for work. He is one of many Maritimers who struggle to find work locally and have to move away temporarily to make ends meet. 

I was happy to hear that he is coming home permanently at the end of August, just in time for my second daughter to be born. However, things may have changed. He fell down a steep slope while working and really busted himself up badly. So bad that he is in the hospital and can't even lay down as the fear it will cause more damage. So 12 hours after hearing the news I now find myself in a plane somewhere above Saskatchewan, on my way to be with my Dad. 

In my rush to get out the door I grabbed a handful of CD's for my travel (all Neil Young for some reason). However on my way to the airport it dawned on me that its not 1999 anymore and I won't be able to listen to these. 

My wife had recently purchased a $15 iTunes card so that she could  buy a 99 cent game. I remembered this at the airport and found the remaining $14 on my iTunes balance through my iPhone. 

What a flashback! Enough room for 11 songs and no more. Just like making a mixed tape as a teenager. This is all I will have to listen to for weeks so I wanted to make it count. A lot of thought went into 11 songs that will sooth my mood and comfort me through a difficult time. 

Here is my playlist: 
1- closing time - Leonard Cohen
2- hard sun - Eddie Vedder
3- I won't back down - Johnny Cash
4- Keep me in your heart - Warren Zevon
5- London's burning - the Clash
6- pretty vacant (live) - the Sex Pistols
7- rock and roll - Jerry lee Lewis feat. Jimmy Page
8- Roland the headless Thompson gunner - Warren Zevon
9- Space Oddity - David Bowie
10- sugar man - Rodriguez 
11- what kind of man are you - Ray Charles

The text will probably look weird and I'm sure there are lot of spelling errors and such. I'm typing this on notepad using my iPhone. 


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  1. Brad, I hope your Dad is starting to get better and makes a full recovery. Music can be a great comfort during situations like this. BUGSY


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