Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rod Stewart's Autobiography - Rod - review!

I was never a huge fan of Rod Stewart’s music but was recently guided by a friend to try out his early 70’s albums (prior to his disco era) and I have to admit, I like what I heard. So, I passively read about Rod online, about how many people felt that he was a sell-out who just went for mainstream success. I recently noticed his new autobiography Rod at the bookstore and decided to give it a shot. Rod tells his story in a fun, respectable and non-apologetic way.

His early career was filled with future stars including playing in bands with Long John Baldry, first as a backup singer and later often sharing the lead vocals. Rod writes about his past with The Faces and his relationship with his band mates. He also mentions Elton John often, especially the years of their friendly competition of who had the biggest hits.

He discusses everything from intimate details to drug habits often blaming himself for failed relationships and taking responsibility for his adulterous past. He never seemed to be a full fledge drug addict, but rarely passed up a bump of cocaine prior to an encore just to give him a little more drive. All drugs he used were not recreational, after singing night after night as loud as he could he often found he was unable to even speak the following day, let alone sing. So began his days of dabbling with steroids to get his vocals in shape for the next show.

Rod was filled with many interesting stories and facts. He never let his readers get bored and sure didn’t hold anything back. Did he strive to make music or money? Both! He enjoyed his suede suits and Ferrari’s (and still does) and few could blame him (Personally, I may pass on the suit.. but I’ll take the car!) Was he in the press for dating supermodels and stars?  Yep! Did he go out of his way for these public relationships? Not really, but who was he to turn down a supermodel? He could have easily twisted some of these stories to make himself look better but he was never ashamed to point out his past mistakes. Of course, he was never ashamed of pointing out his successes either.

I strongly recommend this book. I’m proof that you don’t need to be a huge Rod Stewart fan to enjoy this read. He lives an interesting life and tells his stories in an adventurous and often humorous way.  

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