Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thee Attacks - Dirty Sheets - review!

The best thing about being a music reviewer is the surprises. Sure I can review the latest from John Fogerty, or the highly anticipated new album from The Backstreet Boys, but as I dig through the “to be reviewed pile” I always find myself looking for an adventure, something that nobody else is talking about, something fresh, something from another country perhaps… or maybe I’ll just review that album over there in the corner with the highly offensive picture of a crotch on the cover. I’m in love with this album before I even push play.


The album is called Dirty Sheets and it is the second release for Danish band Thee Attacks. I never knew the genre when I picked out this CD, with the aforementioned cover and the inside photo of four fellows wearing a questionable amount of makeup and loads of attitude, who could guess what this was going to sound like? The best comparison I have is somewhere between The Black Keys and The Clash… and I LOVE those bands.

Thee Attacks consists of Jimmy Attack on vocals, guitar and organ; Ritchie Attack on drums; Johnny Attack on Bass; and Terry Attack on lead guitar and organ. These four have been touring heavily for the past two years visiting Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and France. Wow.

They open the album with their punchy debut single Stab filled with a cloud of distortion, hand clapping, and drum stick clicking. Throw in a load of “Dee la de da’s” and you have one kick ass rocking tune. They neglect to slow down throughout the entire album. Take Take Take is next and is the song that quickly reminded me of The Clash. Not saying that they are cloning them by any means, but I can sure hear some influence… and who doesn’t love the cowbell? Another favorite would be Stop Saying No, opening the song using heavy distortion and a constant bass drum beat backing the strong vocals, all leading into a very catchy chorus. This song already sounds like a classic.

Judging an album by its cover has again paid off for me! This is a true gem and a pleasant surprise. Full of original, powerful rock and roll. I have been recommending this album to friends and have been getting similar responses. Check out this video below and see for yourself!


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