Thursday, September 26, 2013

Revisiting some hair metal - Hericane Alice!


Originally formed in 1984 as a trio, Hurricane Alice started out with Leni DiMancari on guitar and vocals, Scott Werner on bass and Rusty Miller on drums. They eventually recruited Bruce Nauman (formerly of The Employers) to be the lead singer.

This lineup gained a considerable amount of success in their hometown of Minnesota, winning best band at the 1987 Minnesota Music Awards. This lineup changed when Bruce and Rusty decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue their music careers. Bruce and Rusty joined up with bassist Ian Mayo and guitarist Danny Gill and performed under the name Danger City (Ian and Danny’s former band). They soon agreed to change their name to Hurricane Alice to take advantage of their former fan base. Somewhere along the way Rusty Miller left the band as well (I read somewhere that it involved some legal troubles but I cannot confirm) and was replaced by drummer Jackie Ramos.

It was this lineup that was signed to Atlantic Records and recorded their sole LP called Tear the House Down (they had previously only released an EP with the original lineup). When they signed with Atlantic, they were forced to change the spelling of their name to Hericane Alice to avoid conflict with another metal band called Hurricane.

This album is your typical middle of the road glam metal album, filled with ten fun catchy songs full of high range screaming vocals, steady rhythm and crazy guitar solos. The success of the album was limited, probably mainly due to the fact that it was released in 1990 at the tail end of hair metal madness. This being the case, the band parted ways shortly after its release; therefore, this is their sole full length album

Check out this video of Wild Young and Crazy:


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