Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What are you listening to this Fall??

What albums do you listen to more in the Fall? I always see myself drawn to select albums at different times of the year. Sure you can listen to Jimmy Buffett during a snow storm, but it just seems to fit in more on a hot sunny day. Right?

Here are three albums that I'm always reaching for when the leaves start falling:

Guns 'N Roses - Use Your Illusion 1:

OK not so much anymore, but when I was in my late teens I was always searching for my GNR just so I could feel all cool playing November Rain in the actual cold November rain (the coolness stops right here). Of course I would hear a bunch of classics that I never heard since.... well... last November... and the album would stay heavily on my playlist (ok.. ok.. blank tapes back then) for the majority of the Fall season. 

Pearl Jam - Yield

It must be pulling out the warm flannel shirts that gets me into the grunge state of mind. Whatever it is, I'm always in the mood for some Pearl Jam when the leaves start falling. This is one of my personal favorite albums by Eddie Vedder and the gang, It came out when I was in grade twelve when I really started to discover my passion for music. 

Joel Plaskett - Three

Back in 2008 I went through a very difficult time where I had to make a few tough life choices. I remember watching the colourful leaves blowing while I went for a long drive in the woods with my windows down, clearing my head. It was during this drive that everything in my life just seemed to start making sense. This was the moment when I finally felt like I had some direction. This was one of the greatest moments of my life and Joel Plaskett's Three was providing the soundtrack in my truck. Every time I hear anything from this album it always brings me back to this fall drive and helps me re-live this great time.

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