Saturday, December 21, 2013

Top 5 Albums of 2013! - Tim Sarty

Next up we have Tim Sarty! Tim did an interview with me back in 2012, you can read it here. Tim had a hard time narrowing his decision down to a top five list, so here are his top 10 albums of 2013. Tim said his favourites change often, so they may have changed since he submitted them, but here is his list at submission!
Here we go!
1) Daniel Romano- Come Cry With Me
2) Arctic Monkeys- AM
3) The Avett Brothers- Magpie and the Dandelion
4) Jake Bugg- Jake Bugg
5) The National- Trouble Will Find Me
6) Shovels and Rope- O’Be Joyful
7) Arcade Fire- Relflektor
8) Neko Case- The Worse Things Get…
9) Editors- Weight of Your Love
10) Shooter Jennings- The Other Life

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 5 Albums of 2013! - Matthew Hutt

Next up we have Matthew Hutt! I haven't had the opportunity to do a collector interview yet with Matthew but hope to corner him for one in the New Year!
Here we go..


1) Sigur Ros - Kveikur


 2) Arcade Fire - Reflektor

 3) Jake Bugg - Shangrai-la


 4) Kurt Vile - Wakin on a pretty Daze


 5) Kanye West - Yeezus

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Top 5 Albums of 2013! - Andy "Bugsy" Campbell

Next up we have my good pal Bugsy Campbell. He did an interview with me back in 2012 and you can check it out here!

Here we go!

This isn't a list of my favorite albums of 2013, but rather a top 5 albums that I added to my collection in goes:
5. Skid Row - Slave to the Grind
Was thrilled to add this LP after seeing former lead singer Sebastien Bach rip it up at FredRock this summer. A much heavier album than their self-titled debut.

4. Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood
The last of the first five Crue albums I needed for my collection, this near mint original copy sounds dynamite on the turntable.

3. AC/DC - High Voltage
Bon Scott never sounded better belting out classics T.N.T. and It's a Long Way to the Top

2. Monster Truck - Furiosity
My wife got me this LP for my birthday in July and I absolutely loved it. Even better was their live performance at FredRock.

1. (tie) Metallica - Kill 'Em All & Ride the Lightning
Two groundbreaking thrash albums by metal pioneers...these two albums were at the very top of my LP collection wishlist.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Top 5 Albums of 2013! - Shawn Williston

Next up we have fellow blogger Shawn Williston. You can check out an interview we did with Shawn back in 2012 here.

Here we go!



1. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: ...Like Clockwork

A lot can happen to a person in six years. Since 2007's under appreciated Era Vulgaris, QOTSA frontman Josh Homme accomplished a lot, including making a record with Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones, producing Arctic Monkeys' trippy third album in 2009, and having a son with wife Brody Dalle (ex-The Distillers). He was also legally dead for a short time as a result of complications during a knee surgery. The latter experience is the one that most explicitly informs ...Like Clockwork. The helplessness and depression Homme suffered over the three months of bed rest that followed the surgery hang over the very soul of this record like an ominous cloud. It's a sharp contrast to much of Homme's other work, and hits harder as a result. We may never hear QOTSA produce a record so emotionally stirring, vulnerable or wholly cathartic ever again.
Check out: Kalopsia, I Sat By the Ocean, The Vampyre of Time and Memory
2. CLUTCH: Earth Rocker

When you're a band well into your third decade, you're not expected to blow anyone's mind. In Clutch's case, they'd already far exceeded expectations with the stunning Blast Tyrant way back in 2004; it was accepted that they'd slowly go about their business, releasing decent albums whilst riding off into the sunset. Instead, what Clutch circa 2013 brought to the table was a chainsaw. Not content to go through the motions, Earth Rocker is heavier, thicker, and more consistently arresting than even Clutch's undisputed highlights. When Side A closes with a slow burning acoustic number, it isn't because they needed something radio friendly, it's because you need a little breathing room between the pummel of the first five tracks and the dizzying attack of the last five.

Check out: Crucial Velocity, DC Sound Attack, Gone Cold

3. VAMPIRE WEEKEND: Modern Vampires of the City

In twenty years' time, "indie rock" (whatever that means anymore) in 2013 will be remembered primarily for what two bands chose to do. Where Arcade Fire went for the "big statement record" (and came up well short of expectations) in 2013, Vampire Weekend calmly went about the business of crafting a great record with great songs. And then we'll get nostalgic and give Modern Vampires of the City another spin while our copy of Reflektor gathers another year's worth of dust.
Check out: Diane Young, Don't Lie, Hannah Hunt

4. J. RODDY WALSTON & THE BUSINESS: Essential Tremors

Sometimes it does more harm than good when you listen to a record with preconceived notions. Often times, familiarity with a band's past makes it nearly impossible to see what they're doing right now with any kind of impartiality. Beyond lead single Heavy Bells (the only song I had previously heard going in), Essential Tremors ducks in and out of various moods and genres, never sticking with one shtick too long yet always backing up their sound with tight songwriting and impassioned playing. If you've ever loved a classic rock record, you'll find something worthwhile on this album.

Check out: Heavy Bells, Marigold, Tear Jerk


When you look at any band's evolution over their first five albums, it's hard to find many with a more dramatic arc than Arctic Monkeys; off the top of my head, I would liken what they've accomplished from their 2006 debut through this year's AM to a combination of what Wilco and Radiohead did in the mid-to-late 90's. While Wilco brought more artistic nuance and lyrical intrigue, Radiohead juggled styles and embraced change. That Arctic Monkeys have matured and evolved so rapidly is a true marvel; AM is a late night all-you-can-eat swagger buffet, a wicthes' brew of lust, longing and insecurity.

Check out: Do I Wanna Know?, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?, R U Mine?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Five Hip Hop Albums of 2013! - Bete Smith!

Next up we have Bete Smith! Bete did an interview with me back in 2012, you can read it here!

Here we go!

1) (tie) Black Milk - No Poison No Paradise
One of my favorite artists stretching out and getting down.  Love it!
1) (tie)  J-Zone - Peter Pan Syndrome
Old-school, politically incorrect hip hop with a purpose.  Sounds like "Death Certificate" era Ice Cube mixed with early De La Soul.  Nasty, nasty record.
3) Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels
These guys (El-P and Killer Mike) are having fun making records together and I'm having fun listening to them.  Win-win!
4) YC the Cynic - GNK
Thoughtful, challenging material, and I get the impression this guy is just getting started.  Cool production on this one, and YC's skills are off the charts.
5) Ka - Night's Gambit
Moody and reflective, this album feels like it might get even more potent as time passes.  The video for "Off the Record" is special, too.
Honourable Mention:
Captain III – The Outlands – Local (Fredericton) MC releases an EP full of creative lyrical content, featuring a unified concept and gorgeous, handmade packaging.  More to come from this guy…

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top Five Albums of 2013! - Robert Johnson

Next up, we have Robert Johnson's Top Five Albums of 2013. I met Robert this summer, he is a huge vinyl fan with a particular interest in 80's metal. Hope you enjoy!

Here we go!

1) Arctic Monkeys- AM
2) Black Sabbath-13
3) Avenged Sevenfold- Hail to the King
4) Paul McCartney- New
5) Megadeth- Super Collider 
Honorable Mention:
Cage the Elephant- Melophobia 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Top Five Albums of 2013! - Mike Bravener

Next up we have Mike Bravener's Top Five Albums of 2013! Mike did an interview with me back in 2012, you can read it here!

Here we go!

1) Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball
The Boss has cut a fantastic Soul, Spiritual, and Sonic rock n roll. This LP contains the concert favorite Land Of Hopes and Dreams featuring his good friend and Saxophone player Clarence Clemmons who didn't actually play in the studio as he had died earlier but Jon Landau and the Sound Engineers lifted the solo from earlier recordings of this song and edited in. I've listened to this LP at least 20 times since I got it on vinyl this summer. Buy it!
2) fun. - Some Nights
This is a fave LP of mine. I play it a lot, have it on my iPod and tell everybody that finally there is an alternative to Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke that is contemporary and fresh.
3) Queen - A Day At the Races
I love this LP which has, in my opinion, the best Queen song, and most real Queen fans would agree as it was Freddie Mercury's fave recording, Somebody To Love. Both sides of this LP are full of "This song makes me feel... " and you will feel something. 
4) The Secret Sisters - S/T
This LP produced by T-Bone Burnett contains new original tunes plus some great classic country hits made famous by Buck Owens, George Jones, Hank and others. Tennessee Me and I Know A Secret are just about the closest thing to perfect country folk songs I've ever heard.
5) Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues
This LP is a folky, country, rockabilly collection of great story telling. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top Five Albums of 2013! - Tyler Myalls

First up on the Top Five Albums of 2013 segment, we have Tyler Myalls! Tyler did an interview for me back in 2012, you can check it out here!

Here we go!

1. The Avett Brothers - Magpie and the Dandelion
The brothers return with another crazy solid outing with songs of love, loss and life. Bring a tissue.

2. The Fratellis - We Need Medicine
Jon Fratellis knows how to write some crafty pop/rock hooks and spin tongue twisting lyrics together like no other. Simple sounding songs, that are not so simple.

3. Gogol Bordello - Pura Vida Conspiracy
After listening to these guys I just want to pick up a guitar and start walking to nowhere to see what happens. Easily, the most entertaining live band on the planet. Go to a concert. Change your life. Turn on your gypsy auto pilot.

4. Kings of Leon - Mechanical Bull
Not the strongest outing from KOL, a little too much shine for my liking, but a handful of killer tracks that makes it worthwhile.

5. Okkervil River - The Silver Gymnasium
A concept album about growing up in 1986. Yeah, I can relate to that. I feel comfortable comparing Will Sheff's level of lyrical writing to that of Bob Dylan's.