Sunday, December 15, 2013

Top 5 Albums of 2013! - Andy "Bugsy" Campbell

Next up we have my good pal Bugsy Campbell. He did an interview with me back in 2012 and you can check it out here!

Here we go!

This isn't a list of my favorite albums of 2013, but rather a top 5 albums that I added to my collection in goes:
5. Skid Row - Slave to the Grind
Was thrilled to add this LP after seeing former lead singer Sebastien Bach rip it up at FredRock this summer. A much heavier album than their self-titled debut.

4. Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood
The last of the first five Crue albums I needed for my collection, this near mint original copy sounds dynamite on the turntable.

3. AC/DC - High Voltage
Bon Scott never sounded better belting out classics T.N.T. and It's a Long Way to the Top

2. Monster Truck - Furiosity
My wife got me this LP for my birthday in July and I absolutely loved it. Even better was their live performance at FredRock.

1. (tie) Metallica - Kill 'Em All & Ride the Lightning
Two groundbreaking thrash albums by metal pioneers...these two albums were at the very top of my LP collection wishlist.

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