Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Five Hip Hop Albums of 2013! - Bete Smith!

Next up we have Bete Smith! Bete did an interview with me back in 2012, you can read it here!

Here we go!

1) (tie) Black Milk - No Poison No Paradise
One of my favorite artists stretching out and getting down.  Love it!
1) (tie)  J-Zone - Peter Pan Syndrome
Old-school, politically incorrect hip hop with a purpose.  Sounds like "Death Certificate" era Ice Cube mixed with early De La Soul.  Nasty, nasty record.
3) Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels
These guys (El-P and Killer Mike) are having fun making records together and I'm having fun listening to them.  Win-win!
4) YC the Cynic - GNK
Thoughtful, challenging material, and I get the impression this guy is just getting started.  Cool production on this one, and YC's skills are off the charts.
5) Ka - Night's Gambit
Moody and reflective, this album feels like it might get even more potent as time passes.  The video for "Off the Record" is special, too.
Honourable Mention:
Captain III – The Outlands – Local (Fredericton) MC releases an EP full of creative lyrical content, featuring a unified concept and gorgeous, handmade packaging.  More to come from this guy…

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