Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 5's of 2013 - Uncle Rob!

I still have a few of these year end lists coming in and I'm happy to post! Next up we have Uncle Rob Pinnock. Uncle Rob did an interview with me back in 2012 and you can read it here.

Take it away Rob...

First off doing a list for Maritime VINYL, I assumed it was meant to be a list of things you enjoyed the most in the 12" format over the past 12 months, but when I saw people start to send in year-enders for the best of 2013, I was wondering if I should do one or not.  I mean, I didn't want to look like an idiot by listing stuff that is 40 years old, and I was already doing a "Top 5 for 2013" on  It went like this:

5) Big Star­ - Nothing Can Hurt Me (Omnivore/Universal)
4) Motorleague - ­Acknowledge, Acknowledge (Sonic)*
3) July Talk - ­s/t (White Girl Records)
2) Monster Truck­ - Furiosity (Dine Alone)
1) Kings Of Leon­ - Mechanical Bull (RCA)

If you want to read more in depth reasoning into these choices, I'd suggest you to check the reviews out...they are listed under my blog on The Fox website.  Leave a comment...please.

Now for the things that actually made it onto my turntable repeatedly in 2013.  Please, bear in mind, this year I picked up a lot of older records that already have had a history with me. I guess I was a little nostalgic in 2013, and in many cases I was either replacing, or even aquiring a vinyl copy for the first time.

I also would like to put an ' * ' onto this list beside The Motorleague's Acknowledge,
Acknowledge.  My vinyl copy was a bad pressing...side B is not really playable...especially as the groove gets closer to the post.  Through the download card and YouTube, it got lots of spins from me in my leisure, but it wasn't something I actually enjoyed as an LP as much as I had wanted to....but the ones that did make it to the tray the most often were:
5) Alice Cooper­ - School's Out (used): After owning this as a cassette, a CD, and for the first time, in the 70's, on 8 Track...I had never owned it on vinyl til this year (Thanks Brad).  I love this record.  Forget about the title track, which is considered pretty much the only lasting moment from this forgotten and overlooked gem.  The Alice Cooper GROUP was the best band to ever back a frontman.  Forget about the glitter and gimmicks, in tracks like My Stars, Blue Turk and Public Animal #9 there's more than ample proof that these were musicians with a lot of great ideas and ridiculously good performances.  Imagine if they were sober...

4) T­-Rex ­- Electric Warrior (used): Again, first time on vinyl...and it's a record that begs for that warmth of the needle.  Great grooves.  Fun to listen to, and for someone who grabbed a guitar for the first time in almost 20 years, fun to play as well.

3) Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - ­Streetcore (used) - 2013 was a good year for Joe's voice to make a comeback.

2) Monster Truck - ­Furiosity (new) - A white­knuckled ride through the mid 70's riffscape to a secret valley nestled in the foothills of Foghat and BTO.  Turn your jean jacket into a

1) Bob Mould­ - Silver Age (new) - This album is perfect, and everyone should buy a copy.  For a man into his 50's, Silver Age is nothing short of inspirational.  The best track-­for-­track rock disc I've heard in a very long time.

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