Sunday, June 8, 2014

Led Zeppelin Remasters!

I have been anxiously waiting for these Led Zeppelin remasters that were released this week. This is the most excited I have been for a reissue since The Beatles in 2009, but this is even better since they have included so many extras, including a live concert from Paris in 1969.

This post is not a review, but instead my observations. It’s kind of a bragging post if you will, since I love them so much. There are literally hundreds of reviews online, so there is no need for me to repeat what has already been said.

I have been eyeing each of the different editions online since they were announced a few months back. If you don’t already know, here are the options:

1-      Original album remastered – available on vinyl and CD
2-      Deluxe editions: This includes the original remastered album in addition to an extra disc of rarities. These are all double albums except for Led Zeppelin 1 which comes on three vinyl (but still only 2 CD’s).
3-      Super Deluxe Box Set: This contains the deluxe vinyl, deluxe CD, high resolution downloads, tour program reissue, press photos, a numbered print of the album cover and a hardcover book.

I was originally planning on just getting the deluxe vinyl issue of each, but unfortunately they have been backordered at most record stores in Canada (a few have them, but I think their distributors are from the USA). I planned on waiting, but patience is not one of my strong points. Instead, I opted to buy Led Zeppelin 1 – Super Deluxe box, and Zeppelin 2 and 3 on deluxe CD.

First, I will discuss the deluxe CD’s. I was pretty nervous to get these since the packaging looked similar to The Beatles remasters. I absolutely hate the CD sleeves for The Beatles since when you slide the CD in the gatefold, it often hits the seam causing glue on the edge of the CD’s. Once I discovered this flaw I simply inserted a folded piece of paper between the CD and the sleeve to fix this issue, but still, a poor design in my opinion.  

What’s great is these sleeves are much better than this. They fold out three wide and the discs insert from the top rather than the side. NO GLUE! Perfect. I am super happy with this new packaging. The new remasters sound amazing and the bonus material is all fantastic. There is not one single track that I didn’t enjoy. Plus, they each come with these great book inserts.

Now the real gem, The Super Deluxe!!

This is the first vinyl super deluxe box set I have ever bought, so this is a real treat for me. The actual box is beautiful hard covered with a textured finish. It opens up to reveal the beautiful 180gram vinyl. There are two sleeves, one for the original album and one for the double bonus live concert. The cover on the bonus discs is different as well.
Both CD’s are packaged in mini replica sleeves of the vinyl.

The hard cover book is very attractive and loaded with all kinds of goodies like magazine articles and photos.

The print of the album cover comes on some nice heavy textured paper and looks great up on the wall.

The tour program replica is a nice addition. It included two photo inserts, as well as a bunch of original write-ups including band bios.

I haven’t downloaded the high resolution songs yet. I’d be content just with a CD rip, but it’s nice to have the option.

As you can tell, I am very pleased with the new additions to my vinyl collection. I would strongly recommend these to any Led Zeppelin fans.

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