Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Secondspin Records is coming to Fredericton!

It’s official, Secondspin Records is opening a new store in Fredericton, New Brunswick (79 York Street). Kris from Secondspin took the time to answer a few questions below:

Please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about Secondspin!

My brother (Mike) and I (Kris Hopper) opened the shop in Saint John in 2003 and will be celebrating 11 years in business here on July10th.....and plan on opening the shop in Fredericton on Aug 9th!!!

What is it like owning a record store in 2014? Vinyl really made a big comeback in the last five years, have you noticed a change from when you first opened in 2003 up to today? Do you typically see a young crowd coming to your store or does the age group vary?

Over the last 5 years the amount of young people getting into collecting has blown us away and all the folks that collected years ago are jumping back on it. I think right now is perfect timing for the shop in Freddy.....it was always the plan to eventually open in the Capital.

Will this location just be records or also comics and toys like St. John?

Vinyl only shop, NO CDS! Strictly vinyl, turntables (R ega & Denon), and a huge selection of posters and t-shirts.

Congratulations on the upcoming Fredericton location. I am really looking forward to the shop and I know many others who feel the same.

I hope everyone in Fredericton is ready to see some great pieces of Wax next month.....if you don't see it in the shop we will get no problem. 

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