Thursday, November 13, 2014

Classic Single: Rush - In The Mood!

In the Mood is a single from the Canadian progressive rock band Rush from their debut self-titled album which was released in 1974. It is one of two singles from this early LP: the other being the album opening track called Finding My Way.
Neil Peart was not yet a member of Rush for this first album, instead it features original drummer John Rutsey (who left the band after this album due to health reasons). While Peart’s later addition definitely helped give Rush their unique full sound, Rutsey has some solid drumming here. Even without Peart, with Alex Lifesons guitar and Geddy Lee’s vocals and bass, there is no questioning its Rush straight from the opening notes.


The original sessions for this album were recorded at Eastern Sound Studio in Toronto and were completed during the studios slow time late at night which allowed them much cheaper rates. These initial recordings were produced by Dave Stock, but the band was unhappy with the outcome so they re-did most of the album at Toronto Sound Studios and did the production themselves. This single, In The Mood, was recorded during the initial sessions at Eastern Sound.

B-side to In The Mood is What You're Doing which opens side B on the album.

The debut album was initially released by Rush on their own record label, Moon Records, since no other label showed any interest. As it gained popularity, they were signed to Mercury Records where it was re-released. Mercury released this single: In The Mood.


Note** Rush’s true first single was Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly cover) which was released on their Moon label prior to their first album.


It never ceases to amaze me how collectible these Rush singles are becoming. While they are not easy to find, they do seem to show up frequently here in Canada. Rush is bigger than ever in other countries lately, and these fans sure do pay top dollar for the singles. Their original Moon records single Not Fade Away demands well over $400 anytime it appears, while early singles like In The Mood often bring in $50-100 (sometimes higher if in really great condition).