Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 5's of 2014 - Kevin Osmond!

Next up we have Kevin Osmond from www.recycledlprecords.com. Always great to see another vinyl fan with a love for 90's music.

Here's Kevin in his own words:

These albums got the most play on the turntable, MP3 and CD.

Alice in Chains - all of it - epic stuff and got to see them in Halifax in 2014 and the "new" singer killed it!

Catherine Wheel - Chrome - reminded me of what a spacey, rocking album this is and a great driving companion.

Methods of Mayhem - Tommy Lee and friends kicking butt and taking names.

 System of a Down - Toxicity - melodic, operatic rock. Dig the shifting speeds and erratic rythyms.

Bush - they had a good run on Sattelite Radio this Fall, so I pulled out the CD's and downloaded some of their best stuff.

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