Friday, December 12, 2014

Top 5's of 2014 - York and Brenda!

Next up on our Top 5's of 2014 we have my good friends York and Brenda! York and Brenda have been collecting since the 60's, and their collection is only what I can dream mine of becoming someday. They have some of the rarest metal and punk albums ever released (always on the rarest label it seems), as well as absolutely amazing music memorabilia. The best part is that they never bought any of it thinking of future value, it was all bought for the love of the music. While they often listen to the classics, they also make sure to keep up on anything new, especially in Heavy Metal.
Here we go:
York's Top 5 albums played in 2014!
Exlibris – Afterreal

Titanium –s/t

Crucified Barbara – In The Red
Sanctuary – The Year The Sun Died

Soulhealer – Bear The Cross
Brenda's Top 5 albums played in 2014  (Brenda has been listening to all albums by these artists so this is her top 5 bands listened to in 2014)!

Black Sabbath

T Rex

Thin Lizzy


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