Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back From the Dead Turntable: Sansui SR-222

The latest turntable on the work bench is a Sansui SR-222. This table looked pretty rough when I picked it up, but is now looking brand new. 

The belt was old and needed replacing, and I upgraded the cartridge to a new Shure M92E. After adding a few drops of oil to the motor, and completing the usual adjustments and alignments, this table is running beautifully.

The majority of the work needed was cosmetic. There was years of grime on the body and it needed a thorough cleaning. No matter how clean it got, it was still unattractive because of all the scratches and marks on the dust over.

I read online how people restore covers with automotive headlight repair kits. Without doing any more research I bought one of these kits and made my first attempt. I used the provided sandpaper and went through all the steps but the cover came out very cloudy.

I brought it to my friend Daniel and he told me I made a mistake using the sandpaper. After two evening sessions of Daniel doing some heavy repair with rubbing compound and extensive polishing, he has this cover looking brand new. A big thanks to Daniel for all of the help.

Here are some before and after photos of the dust cover. 

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