Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Project!

It's been hard finding the time to blog with all this nice summer weather, but vintage audio restoration and vinyl collecting has been moving along full tilt.

Last weekend I met a guy who was looking to restore a vintage radio/turntable system he saved from an old barn.

I wish we would have gotten a before picture of the insides of this system. There was half a century of dust, sand, dirt, grime, etc...

He took his time and spent a solid 4 hours cleaning all of the internals. Vacumming it out, washing parts, giving components sprays of contact cleaner. All the time invested sure paid off and the system looks great.

The turntable was in very rough shape. The motor was seized and the rubber grommets that supported the motor were dried up and deteriorating.

Instead of trying to rebuild this table we decided to install another one that was already working. Last winter I restored a vintage BSR turntable and it has been working great. So we removed the old table, drilled a few holes in the cabinet so it could handle this BSR.

Once installed, we fired up the stereo and it sounds beautiful! The tube amp gives it plenty of power and the new needle on the table really gives the vinyl a crisp sound.

Always amazes me how this old vintage gear ages so well.

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