Monday, September 26, 2016

Sansui AU-6900, Technics SL-1700mk2 and Cerwin Vega D3's

I'm moving into my new workshop and was finally able to set up a vintage system. 


I used one of my favourite amps, Sansui AU-6900. This amp sounds as good as it looks. 
It packs lots of punch for a medium sized room with 50 Watts per channel. 

When I found this amp it was out of commission. My friend Gary at Stereo Services took the reins and had it working like new in no time. 

The original owner painted the chrome knobs black. at first I was tempted to try and remove the paint but it gives it a cool different look that I've grown to love. 

I'm using a Technics SL-1700 MK2 turntable. A bit more electronics in this turntable than I'm used to but it's built like a tank. It got a bit dirty with the new workshop construction but when I shine it up it sure looks great, especially with the built in light. 

I'm trying a pair of Cerwin Vega D3's. This is my first try with these speakers and they really impress me. Smaller than other Cerwin Vegas I've had but they really compliment the vintage Sansui nicely. 


I know they don't have the original red surrounds but doesn't the black look slick??

Friday, February 26, 2016

Black Sabbath - Montreal 2016

I had a great trip this past week. I took a drive to Montreal to see Black Sabbath on their "The End" tour. I missed their last tour for "13" so was really eager to catch this show. Plus I had great seats in the 14th Row!

The band was really tight and you could tell they really put the effort in to finish their touring with a bang. The performance was virtually flawless. But I'm sure their are lots of reviews on this concert, what I was really excited about was how great their merchandise was! I really spoiled myself and got some great things.

First off they had this new CD titled "The End" which has 8 new songs, 4 studio recordings and 4 live cuts from their "13" tour. This CD is only for sale at their concerts and not available online or in stores.

Next I picked up a bandana. I seem to buy these most often at concerts, I use them to place over my turntables so when my kids set their toys on top of the dustcover, it saves it from scratching (plus it looks cool).

Next was a T-shirt. Probably the most common things for fans to buy, but they had a very wide selection of at least 20 different shirts. I went with this "War Pigs" one.

Finally is my absolutely favorite item. For every stop of this tour the band is releasing a special Lithograph. So this one was only available in Montreal and their next stop will have a completely different one. They are hand numbered and were only a little over 400 made. I absolutely love this lithograph and already have it being framed.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Squeaky Clean Vinyl!

For the past 5 years I have been seriously wanting a Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine. Ever since I saw the results in person at a Toronto record store, I knew that hand cleaning and using a Spin Clean would never achieve the same results (but still get decent results).

As my stereo system has been improving in quality, I find myself noticing ticks and pops more frequently... even on brand new vinyl.

Long story short, I finally saved the money to spend and I ordered a brand new VPI 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine. I'm still waiting on it to arrive and a review will follow.

However, while looking at cleaners I noticed a new 3D printed design being offered by a Canadian Seller on eBay. The price was very reasonable so I decided to buy one too. I know I won't need it with the VPI but the portability and coolness factor was just too good to pass up.

I have been getting AWESOME results from this cleaner. I swear the cleaning quality is just as good as a large record cleaning machine. You need to manually turn the record and supply your own shop-vac, but the final results are amazing. I'm still anxious for the VPI since it will always be set up in my record room and ready to go, but if I had a smaller collection, this 3D printed machine would definitely be all that I need.

Check out this video below. It's called The Squeaky Clean Vinyl Cleaner. Even the cleaning brush is 3D printed!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 5's of 2015 - Rob Pinnock!

Still have a few more of these lists coming in which is great! Next up we have Uncle Rob!

5. The Jam-Snap - A 2LP career overview, with unique mixes of some tracks. Always been a lyric guy, and Weller is one of the best. A clean original UK pressing to replace a CD which was stolen in 1990

4. Joel Plaskett - Park Ave Sobriety Test - A real return to form from one of my favorite songwriters. I was so glad when I heard this LP.

3. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers-DTK Live At The Speakeasy - Not a later period, make some quick smack cash, reunion gig. A hungry band with a fresh set of songs, delivering them like there was something at stake. Johnny was in fine form as he addressed the crowd between songs. The band never sounded better, or ruder, live.

2. Arctic Monkeys-AM - Probably the millennial band I'm most excited about. What great songwriter's they've turned amazing vocal arrangements. I can't resist the album. Sucks me in every time.

1. Heartbreakers-LAMF - Definitive Edition - Rock n Roll stripped to its purest form. Johnny has become my favorite guitarist ever. Not exactly a technician...but perfection in every other way. Finally with the right mix.

Honorable Mentions go to local heroes Kill Chicago and Saint John's Little You, Little Me for impressive debuts from each