Thursday, January 21, 2016

Squeaky Clean Vinyl!

For the past 5 years I have been seriously wanting a Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine. Ever since I saw the results in person at a Toronto record store, I knew that hand cleaning and using a Spin Clean would never achieve the same results (but still get decent results).

As my stereo system has been improving in quality, I find myself noticing ticks and pops more frequently... even on brand new vinyl.

Long story short, I finally saved the money to spend and I ordered a brand new VPI 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine. I'm still waiting on it to arrive and a review will follow.

However, while looking at cleaners I noticed a new 3D printed design being offered by a Canadian Seller on eBay. The price was very reasonable so I decided to buy one too. I know I won't need it with the VPI but the portability and coolness factor was just too good to pass up.

I have been getting AWESOME results from this cleaner. I swear the cleaning quality is just as good as a large record cleaning machine. You need to manually turn the record and supply your own shop-vac, but the final results are amazing. I'm still anxious for the VPI since it will always be set up in my record room and ready to go, but if I had a smaller collection, this 3D printed machine would definitely be all that I need.

Check out this video below. It's called The Squeaky Clean Vinyl Cleaner. Even the cleaning brush is 3D printed!

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