Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 5's of 2015 - Rob Pinnock!

Still have a few more of these lists coming in which is great! Next up we have Uncle Rob!

5. The Jam-Snap - A 2LP career overview, with unique mixes of some tracks. Always been a lyric guy, and Weller is one of the best. A clean original UK pressing to replace a CD which was stolen in 1990

4. Joel Plaskett - Park Ave Sobriety Test - A real return to form from one of my favorite songwriters. I was so glad when I heard this LP.

3. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers-DTK Live At The Speakeasy - Not a later period, make some quick smack cash, reunion gig. A hungry band with a fresh set of songs, delivering them like there was something at stake. Johnny was in fine form as he addressed the crowd between songs. The band never sounded better, or ruder, live.

2. Arctic Monkeys-AM - Probably the millennial band I'm most excited about. What great songwriter's they've turned amazing vocal arrangements. I can't resist the album. Sucks me in every time.

1. Heartbreakers-LAMF - Definitive Edition - Rock n Roll stripped to its purest form. Johnny has become my favorite guitarist ever. Not exactly a technician...but perfection in every other way. Finally with the right mix.

Honorable Mentions go to local heroes Kill Chicago and Saint John's Little You, Little Me for impressive debuts from each

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