Friday, February 26, 2016

Black Sabbath - Montreal 2016

I had a great trip this past week. I took a drive to Montreal to see Black Sabbath on their "The End" tour. I missed their last tour for "13" so was really eager to catch this show. Plus I had great seats in the 14th Row!

The band was really tight and you could tell they really put the effort in to finish their touring with a bang. The performance was virtually flawless. But I'm sure their are lots of reviews on this concert, what I was really excited about was how great their merchandise was! I really spoiled myself and got some great things.

First off they had this new CD titled "The End" which has 8 new songs, 4 studio recordings and 4 live cuts from their "13" tour. This CD is only for sale at their concerts and not available online or in stores.

Next I picked up a bandana. I seem to buy these most often at concerts, I use them to place over my turntables so when my kids set their toys on top of the dustcover, it saves it from scratching (plus it looks cool).

Next was a T-shirt. Probably the most common things for fans to buy, but they had a very wide selection of at least 20 different shirts. I went with this "War Pigs" one.

Finally is my absolutely favorite item. For every stop of this tour the band is releasing a special Lithograph. So this one was only available in Montreal and their next stop will have a completely different one. They are hand numbered and were only a little over 400 made. I absolutely love this lithograph and already have it being framed.

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